Design Brief

IAS Design Brief Title Page, February 2014
IAS Design Brief Title Page, February 2014

In the summer and fall of 2013, UC Santa Cruz convened a campus-wide Programming and Planning Committee to create a Design Brief for the national competition to select an architect for the Institute. The Committee included faculty from across campus, undergraduate and graduate students, and staff.  Working with New York programming consultants, brightspot strategies, the Committee created a sixty page Design Brief that:

• Refined the IAS mission and vision

• Recommended a site for the IAS building

• Defined building goals

• Considered programs the IAS would offer 

• Determined key audiences for IAS programs

• Projected the kinds of spaces the IAS would need

These excerpts from the Design Brief offer a glimpse of the Committee's work and signal the detailed planning process that Williams and Tsien will build upon as they create the Institute's architectural design. To assist in that work, the University will appoint a new Program and Building Committee in the summer of 2014. (Click on the slide show above to enlarge images.)