A Campus Walk with artist collective Public Doors and Windows, April 24

Join alumni and current students as they talk about the sites that make UC Santa Cruz memorable
Public Doors and Windows Campus Walk, April 2014, photo by Nolan Calisch
Public Doors and Windows Campus Walk, April 2014, photo by Nolan Calisch
Friday, April 24, 2015
Digital Arts Research Center (UCSC)


See the campus you know and love through a unique experiential walk with artist collective Public Doors and Windows. The walk will include stops chosen by both alumni and present students that are important to their experiences and memories at UC Santa Cruz. 

Whether at the site where the student Astronomy Club gathers to stargaze on clear nights or at the art studio that inspired the curatorial career of an alumna, the stops along the tour will provide a rare and personal glimpse of a campus that has had immeasurable impact on its community. At each stop of the six stops along the walk, alumni or current students will tell the stories that show how the university shaped them.

Please join us on April 24 for this lovely and stimulating stroll. We meet in front of the Digital Art Research Center (DARC) at 2 pm. Day permits for sale at TAPS sales office $6. Parking available in adjacent Performing Arts parking lot. Wear comfortable shoes!

About the Artists:

Public Doors and Windows is a collaborative artist team made up of Harrell Fletcher, Molly Sherman, and Nolan Calisch. They are based in Portland, Oregon. Together they work to create participatory and site-specific projects that engage with and include local people and the broader public. The walk is part of a larger project undertaken by the artists to create a “collective museum” out of the UCSC campus, using techniques of display and meaning making usually associated with museums to think about the university and what is happening within it.

The artists are documenting the collections already held on campus while also getting different people—staff, faculty, students, alumni—to pick sites on campus that are meaningful in some way, either in regards to their research, to the history of UCSC, or for more personal reasons. Those sites and collections are photographed, marked with a plaque, and included on a museum-like tour of the campus that will launch in February 2016. The information about each site will be archived online, in a museum-like catalogue, as well in exhibition walls spread around the campus. 

The Public Doors and Windows project at UCSC echoes an exhibition they recently did at the Matisse Museum in Le Cateau, France, where Matisse was born. "To a Lifetime of Meaningful Encounters" was a participatory project undertaken with residents of all ages from Matisse's city of birth.  For Le Cateau, the artists created seventeen “personal museums” – each one dedicated to a resident of the town. In a related manner, PDW seeks to look at UC Santa Cruz through the eyes of its "residents," reflecting on the campus's history, physical geography, daily life, and social spheres.  

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