The ‘Crochet Coral Reef’ at UCSC brings together mathematics, nature and an underappreciated artform

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

"The first widely visible pop-culture artifact of the Trump Era is the pink crocheted (or knitted) kitten-eared hat worn by millions participating in the various women’s marches around the country the day after the inauguration.

The latest art show on the campus of UC Santa Cruz has absolutely nothing to do with the “pink pussy hat,” except for one thing: the crocheted part.

The Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery and the Institutes of the Arts and Sciences at UCSC are bringing to campus an exhibit that radically opens up the possibilities of crocheting as an art form. Taken together with the pink hats, it’s almost as if the cultural gods have marked 2017 as crocheting’s moment in the limelight."

Read the rest of Wallace Bain's review in the Santa Cruz Sentinel here.