Russell Crotty on the cover of Art Ltd. Magazine

Cover of January/February art ltd. magazine
Cover of January/February art ltd. magazine
Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Russell Crotty and the IAS exhibition, Look Back in Time, currently on view at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, are featured in the cover article of the January/February art ltd. magazine. In Good Seeing, Kim Beil discusses Crotty's work over the years in relationship to the history of astronomy and the installation of Lick Observatory historical objects and log books by Tony Misch. 

Beil writes: "Breathless excitement is present in all of Crotty’s work, from the minute details to its prodigious quantity. By translating these vast and awesome phenomena into accessible materials on a smaller scale, Crotty opens them up for human connection. Through his eye and hand, the drawings communicate a sense of what it is like to touch the stars."

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