Tour the Collective Museum, April 29

Alumni Weekend
Friday, April 29, 2016
Meet at Digital Arts Research Center (DARC)

Join the Institute of the Arts and Sciences for a participatory walking tour of Collective Museum, a public art project at UC Santa Cruz, on Friday, April 29, 3 - 5 pm.

Collective Museum imagines the entire UCSC campus as a museum through exhibits created with faculty, staff, students, and alumni about 50 sites on campus. Conceptualized by artist group Public Doors and Windows, this surprising and vast campus-wide installation is complete with signage, a photo exhibition dispersed through five university buildings, a museum tour, a print-on-demand catalogue, and a mobile website:

The tour will encompass a selection of sites from the museum, including the site where Winnie Mandela spoke by pay phone to a group of students rallying in of support divestment from South Africa and the end of Apartheid, the place where the remaining evidence of the 1989 earthquake on campus is visible, the copse of trees next to the office of the lead mountain lion researcher, Chris Wilmers, where a mountain lion killed a deer, and others. Students, faculty, staff and alumni will share their stories about these sites and provide a rare and personal glimpse of a campus that has had immeasurable impact on its community. 

Meet at 3 pm in front of the Digital Arts Research Center (DARC) to begin the tour. Parking ($4) is available in the Performing Arts Lot.

This tour is FREE and open to the PUBLIC!

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