IAS visiting speaker Patricia Piccinini in NY Times

Skywhale by Patricia Piccinini
Skywhale by Patricia Piccinini
Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hear Patricia Piccinini in conversation with Donna Haraway, UCSC History of Consciousness Emerita faculty member, on May 5, 6pm, at the Digital Arts Research Center, Room 108. 

"The provocative Australian artist Patricia Piccinini creates sculptures of life forms that don’t exist but might be plausible in some alternate universe where genetic engineering has run rampant. Her fleshy creations are made to appear hyperrealistic through the clever application of silicone and human hair. Ms. Piccinini, 50, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, has sculpted humanlike infants with four legs and a trunk for a nose. Or a massive, ursine creature, meant to be a genetically engineered slave, who is ferrying an old woman on his back.

The uncanny quality of Ms. Piccinini’s work combined with the weighty ethical questions it raises about biotechnology and cloning have made the artist in high demand."

- NY Times, March 31, 2016  

Piccinini's work will be on view in San Francisco at Hosfelt Gallery, opening May 14.