Look Back in Time (Installation View), SJICA. Photo Credit: David Pace
Look Back in Time (Installation View), SJICA. Photo Credit: David Pace

Exhibitions at the IAS creatively reflect topics and themes that engage curricula and faculty teaching and research. They include significant artists and issues in the arts and sciences, both contemporary and historical, from a range of traditions. 

The IAS brings significant touring exhibitions to campus, and the IAS also tours original exhibitions of its own. Small shows and study gallery exhibitions are co‐curated by faculty, with student research and participation, drawing on long-term loans from UC collections, private collections and museum loans from around the country.  

The exhibition program also collaborates with regional museums, galleries, and other public venues to make the innovative practices in the arts and sciences facilitated by UC Santa Cruz more accessible to broad communities and publics. 

IAS exhibitions are presented at venues across the UC Santa Cruz campus, Santa Cruz, and in the Bay Area as the university continues to plan for a future capital project.

Ongoing and past exhibitions by the Institute of the Arts and Sciences include:

February 2016-ongoing, Collective Museum, by Public Doors and Windows, UCSC Campus.
This vast campus-wide installation turns the 2001 acres of UC Santa Cruz into a museum. Tour the Collective Museum at  iascollectivemmuseum.com. The 136-page full color catalogue can be ordered here.

May 2017-October 2017, UC Santa Cruz Satellite Reef, UCSC's Seymour Marine Discover Center. 
This stunning, spectacular participatory art + science project included hundreds of faculty, students, staff and community members. See more information here.

February-May 2017, Crochet Coral Reef: CO2CA CO2LA Ocean by Margaret and Christine Wertheim of the Institute for Figuring, UCSC's Mary Porter Sesnon Art Gallery. 
The acclaimed Crochet Coral Reef has been shown around the world. At UC Santa Cruz, the exhibition was accompanied by crocheting workshops in the community and on campus that were held to create the UC Santa Cruz Satellite Reef, part of the IFF's world-wide reefing effort. See more information here.

May-June 2017, Unearthing Disaster I & II by Angela Melitopolous and Angela Anderson, Minnesota Street Project in San Francisco. 
Unearthing Disaster I & II, a video installation, is the result of years of research on the destruction of a pristine, mountainous forest region in Northeastern Greece by Eldorado Gold, a Canadian mining company. The exhibition was presented in conjunction with EXTRACTION, a conference at UC Santa Cruz, organized by T.J. Demos of the Center for Creative Ecologies and A. Laurie Palmer. See more information here.

November 2016-February 2017, Look Back in Time: Russell Crotty and Lick Observatory, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art.
The Institute's collaboration with the UC Lick Observatory, Theoretical Astrophysics Santa Cruz (TASC), and the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art to bring internationally acclaimed artist Russell Crotty for a multi-visit artist residency culminated in an exciting hybrid exhibition. Curated by John Weber, Tony Misch, Crotty, and ICA executive director Cathy Kimball, this exhibition features Crotty's art and materials from the archives of the UC Lick Observatory. See more information here. The 76-page full color catalogue can be ordered here