UCSC's Sesnon Gallery
UCSC's Sesnon Gallery

Exhibitions at the Institute creatively reflect topics and themes that engage curricula and faculty teaching and research. They include significant artists and issues in the arts and sciences, both contemporary and historical, from a range of traditions. 

The Institute brings significant touring exhibitions to campus, and the Institute also tours original exhibitions of its own. Small shows and study gallery exhibitions are co‐curated by faculty, with student research and participation, drawing on long-term loans from UC collections, private collections and museum loans from around the country.  

The exhibition program also collaborates with regional museums, galleries, and other public venues to make the innovative practices in the arts and sciences facilitated by UC Santa Cruz more accessible to broad communities and publics. 

Until the new building for the Institute of the Arts and Sciences breaks ground, these exhibitions are presented at venues across the UC Santa Cruz campus and in the surrounding communities.

For instance, in Winter 2016, the Institute launched a participatory public art project at UC Santa Cruz by artist collaborators Harrell Fletcher, Molly Sherman, and Nolan Calisch. Collective Museum is a vast campus-wide installation complete with signage, a photo exhibition dispersed through five university buildings, a museum tour, a print-on-demand catalogue, and a mobile website. The innovative and immense project spans the university’s 2001 acres and, as the artists explain,transforms the campus into "one of the largest museums in the world." Tour Collective Museum at iascollectivemuseum.com.

In Fall 2016, the Institute's collaboration with the UC Lick Observatory, Theoretical Astrophysics Santa Cruz (TASC), and the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art to bring internationally acclaimed artist Russell Crotty for a multi-visit artist residency will culminate in an exciting hybrid exhibition. This exhibition at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA),will feature Crotty's art, materials from the archives of the UC Lick Observatory, and visualizations by Astrophysicists at UC Santa Cruz , and is co-organized by the IAS, Lick Observatory, the ICA, and Crotty, in dialogue with a range of scientists at UC Santa Cruz.  

Also in Fall 2016, Margaret and Christine Wertheim of the Institute for Figuring are bringing their world-renowned Crochet Coral Reef to UC Santa Cruz. Crocheting workshops in the community and on campus will commence in October 2016 with exhibitions at the Sesnon Gallery and the Seymour Marine Discovery Center.