Student Experience

UCSC Students at Lick Observatory for IAS workshop, with Lick Collections Project Director Tony Misch.
UCSC Students at Lick Observatory for IAS "Seeing and Knowing" workshop, with Lick Collections Project Director Tony Misch.

At the IAS, students have opportunities to interact with internationally acclaimed artists and projects, influential scholars, and innovative exhibitions. Students also gain valuable pre-professional experience as graduate and undergraduate interns at the IAS, assisting with curatorial projects, education programs, public events, public relations, and outreach. 

IAS interns in 2017 worked with IAS staff and Margaret and Christine Wertheim of the Institute for Figuring on the critically renowned Crochet Coral Reef project.

Innovative student opportunities were also part of the development of Look Back in Time: Russell Crotty and the Lick Observatory, the interdisciplinary exhibition by the IAS at the San Jose ICA in 2016-17. A 2-day workshop held at the Lick Observatory in May 2016 gave students unusual insights into how to promote art/ science collaborations​ as internationally renowned artist Russell Crotty and esteemed astrophysicists Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz and Gregory Laughlin held workshops for undergraduate students about Seeing and Knowing in Art and Astronomy.

The first exhibition of the Institute, artist group Public Doors and Windows' innovative Collective Museum which launched in February 2016, was co-curated by a graduate student in UC Santa Cruz's Visual Studies PhD program. The artists also worked with fifty undergraduate students in the art department to conceive of an exhibition of objects that exemplify their social practice project at UC Santa Cruz. Learn more about this innovative social practice art project.