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Logan Pallin

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Dr. Logan Pallin, a Post Doctoral researcher with the Institute of the Arts and Sciences (IAS) and Ocean Sciences at UC Santa Cruz, is an ecophysiologist with a primary interest in understanding how wild populations alter their physiology and demography as a response to both natural (e.g., climate change) and unnatural forcings (e.g., commercial hunting, pollution) in their environment. To address these questions, Logan collects minimally invasive tissue samples (e.g., blood/skin) and then uses molecular and endocrinological markers to answer specific questions about population health and growth. He works on multiple species of large marine predators worldwide and continuously advocates for ethical animal research and effective conservation and policy. Most of Logan’s work is focused along the Antarctic Peninsula and the coast of California. Within IAS, Logan is part of the new Aesthetics of Resilience initiative, where he will work together with local artists to promote public understanding about the connections between climate change, the health of Monterey Bay– and the marine animals that move through its waters– and the health of our agricultural communities.

Along with his research endeavors, Logan is an active member of the Society of Marine Mammalogy and the International Society of Wildlife Endocrinology. He also serves on the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee at UC Santa Cruz. Lastly, Logan was just newly appointed as one of the co-leads for the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research Expert Group on Birds and Marine Mammals Cetacean sub-committee.

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