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Blind Emotions

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Sarah Elizabeth Charles

“Blind Emotions” is an original composition inspired by my teaching artist work at Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining, NY. Through this work I have learned more about myself and the creative process than ever before, and have also clearly seen the way in which music can humanize any and every experience, even in those settings that attempt to dehumanize the most. Blind Emotions is dedicated to all the artists on the inside who I have learned from and grown with. It is a testament to the possibilities in each of us to look beyond our own inherent bias, to see all human beings as deserving of true restorative justice and to consider all of the intersectional societal factors at play in any given situation. It is a call for us to reimagine our carceral spaces and expand our imaginations.

Written, performed and edited by: Sarah Elizabeth Charles

Filmed by: Sarah Elizabeth Charles & Inner World Films

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