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Chief Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah

I first learned of abolitionism and activism through my grandfather, the late Big Chief Donald Harrison Sr. The only man to lead four nations of the Black Tribes of New Orleans, Louisiana (regionally referred to as Black Indians). These maroon clans have stood in open opposition to the injustices of this land since the first decade of the 1700s. I often find myself looking to the lessons of my childhood for guidance, and deeper understanding of what has happened before. As chief carrying on this fight, our fight, his fight, their fight, is a mandate that cannot be ignored. He taught us that the ire of the fight for liberty in this land was rooted in those unwilling to yield to the shadow of injustice. That this fight is also the fight of all those within you, and most importantly, those who would become. Those whom your actions will inspire. “Incarnation” was written to offer reverence to those who waged this fight before us. The countless volumes of liberators who now speak through you and I. As we continue to endeavor this country into light, it is paramount that we do so tethered to the force and energy of their lifetimes and sacrifices, pulling every fathomable resource rooted in light to our cause in ending the campaigns of hate and fear once and for all. 
With gratitude,
Xian Adjuah

Chief Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah: Adjuah Trumpet, Sonic Architecture – All Parts 

Sogo, Atsimevu, Kaganu, Kroboto, Kidi, Gankogui,
Fontomfrom Antunpan, Apentemma, Petia, Donno,
Kenkeni, Sangban, Doundoun – All Parts

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