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Unspoken Voices

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Dianne Reeves and Camila Cortina Bello

“Unspoken Voices” is a call to reimagine a reality that needs a change. With an intimate and introspective tone, these voices unfold a powerful inviting message to openness, dialogue, and a much needed change in order to build a better future. Unspoken Voices is a hymn of love, a chant for unification, and a prayer for justice, as we believe this is the most powerful way to create the opportunities and the necessary social transformation that we dream to be accountable for. – Camila Cortina Bello 

This winter season, covered in massive drifts of white and a sky of endless grey, represents the construct that White supremacy is held in unrelentingly.
While the extreme cold is absent of forgiveness and redemption it holds a palpable reflection of the prison industrial complex.
Yet, above the clouds and below the surface, there is a bold collective conscienceless of humanity – in all its color.
Unity power and urgency reimagines the energy needed in the dismantling of this brutal seasons system with diligence and directed clarity.
The wordless music of the powerful and moving composition ‘UNSPOKEN VOICES’, written by Camila Cortina Bello, in spirit is reminiscent of the hymns of our ancestors, which gave us strength, endurance, and affirmations for the movement forward. – Dianne Reeves

Vocal: Dianne Reeves
Composer, Piano: Camila Cortina Bello

Bass, Audio mix: Gerson Lazo-Quiroga
Video edit: Vilho Louhivuori

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