Fall 2021 Event Highlight: Visualizing Abolition with Cassils and rafa esparza

In this Visualizing Abolition event, held on November 16, 2021, two world renowned artists, Cassils and rafa esparza share their powerful collaboration focused on immigrant detention: In Plain Sight, 2020. In Plain Sight is an ongoing public initiative protests immigration detention centers and the US culture of incarceration.

Fall 2021 Event Highlight: Traction Art Talk with Delilah Montoya

On Tuesday, November 9th, celebrated Chicana photographer Delilah Montoya joined IAS for a Traction Art Talk moderated by graduate student researcher Madison Treece. Throughout the talk, Montoya shared images of her work and spoke in-depth about her evolving artistic practice, which has addressed the identity politics of being Chicanx, colonialism’s lasting violence, and the intersection of art and activism.

Fall 2021 Event Highlight: Visualizing Abolition with adrienne maree brown and Gilda Sheppard

As part of our Visualizing Abolition speaker series, writer adrienne maree brown and filmmaker Gilda Sheppard joined us on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 to discuss Sheppard's recent documentary Since I Been Down and strategies of personal empowerment through education practiced by incarcerated individuals discussed in the film, as well as in prisons around the United States.

The Solitary Podcast with Zaarin Mizan: Episode 2

Episode 2 - The University and Awareness 
In this episode, Zaarin speaks with Sesnon Gallery Intern, Edie Trautwein, on how she became involved with the Solitary Garden public art project and how students can resist inhibitive practices of the University through acts of care, awareness, and creativity. 

Note that this conversation took place after the March 2 Visualizing Abolition event with Ashley Hunt and the Underground Scholars. 

May 12, 2021: A Reflection on the Solitary Garden by Zaarin Mizan

Budding from Dualities of Space: A Reflection on the Solitary Garden by Zaarin Mizan 

gar·​den \gär-dᵊn\ (n): a plot of cultivation; hall for public entertainment
Middle English gardyn < Anglo-French gardyn, gardeyn, jardin < Old French jart, gart "garden" < Old Low Franconian garda- "enclosure, fence" < Germanic *garđa-, whence Old Saxon gard "garden, dwelling, world," Old High German gart "enclosure," Old English geard "fence, enclosure