May 12, 2021: A Reflection on the Solitary Garden by Zaarin Mizan

Budding from Dualities of Space: A Reflection on the Solitary Garden by Zaarin Mizan 

gar·​den \gär-dᵊn\ (n): a plot of cultivation; hall for public entertainment
Middle English gardyn < Anglo-French gardyn, gardeyn, jardin < Old French jart, gart "garden" < Old Low Franconian garda- "enclosure, fence" < Germanic *garđa-, whence Old Saxon gard "garden, dwelling, world," Old High German gart "enclosure," Old English geard "fence, enclosure

February 10, 2021: Friendship, Freedom, and Abolition by Tim Young

My name is Timothy James Young. I am an innocent man on San Quentin’s Death Row, and I am also the Solitary Gardener at UC, Santa Cruz. I have been hearing from a growing number of people who are curious about abolition. Many of them have read my essay entitled “Mail Call” and were struck with one sentence: “Friendship is the pathway to freedom.” The question that they most frequently ask me is how does friendship relate to abolition?