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The Solitary Podcast with Zaarin Mizan: Episode 2

Episode 2 - The University and Awareness 
In this episode, Zaarin speaks with Sesnon Gallery Intern, Edie Trautwein, on how she became involved with the Solitary Garden public art project and how students can resist inhibitive practices of the University through acts of care, awareness, and creativity. 

Note that this conversation took place after the March 2 Visualizing Abolition event with Ashley Hunt and the Underground Scholars. 

May 12, 2021: A Reflection on the Solitary Garden by Zaarin Mizan

Budding from Dualities of Space: A Reflection on the Solitary Garden by Zaarin Mizan 

gar·​den \gär-dᵊn\ (n): a plot of cultivation; hall for public entertainment
Middle English gardyn < Anglo-French gardyn, gardeyn, jardin < Old French jart, gart "garden" < Old Low Franconian garda- "enclosure, fence" < Germanic *garđa-, whence Old Saxon gard "garden, dwelling, world," Old High German gart "enclosure," Old English geard "fence, enclosure

February 10, 2021: Friendship, Freedom, and Abolition by Tim Young

My name is Timothy James Young. I am an innocent man on San Quentin’s Death Row, and I am also the Solitary Gardener at UC, Santa Cruz. I have been hearing from a growing number of people who are curious about abolition. Many of them have read my essay entitled “Mail Call” and were struck with one sentence: “Friendship is the pathway to freedom.” The question that they most frequently ask me is how does friendship relate to abolition?

December 4, 2020: Unjustly EXPOSED

“The medical staff said this morning that people who were sick and were having symptoms—there was nothing they could do. They are just going to leave people in their cells...the only way people will be moved is if they are having respiratory problems to the point they can’t breathe” ~Tim Young, San Quentin State Prison, June 23, 2020