Founding Friends

The generosity of our Founding Friends supports the new Institute of the Arts and Sciences. Institute programs benefit students, faculty, alumni, staff, and the Central Coast and Bay Area communities.

We thank our Friends and Patrons for their continued support. 

Pat Rebele '88 and Rowland Rebele
Nion T. McEvoy '74
​Jock Reynolds '69 and Suzanne Hellmuth 
Betsy Andersen '78 and John Andersen
Martin Berger and Victoria Gwiasda
Janet and Michael Cloud
Chad Erik Rooney '01
Jon M. Carnero '94
Joan B. Wactor '82
Elliot Nathan Fruchtman '04
Joan Chapin '74 and Steve Wallace '74
Ronald Richardson '73 and Dana Richardson 
Apollonia Alarice Morrill '96
Momoyo Lowdermilk and Tom Lowdermilk
Katherine Robinson
Sanjay Kumar Prasad '03
Natalie Moore '87
Esther Aloysia McDonald '11
Sukhbir Dhillon and Raj Dhillon '91
Robert Lockwood Logan '13
Danielle R. Croom '14
Tom Burns '76 and Eileen Leary '84
April Zilber '82
Nancy Coe and Bruce Coe
Erin Kathleen O'Toole '92
Patrick Huet
​John S. Weber and Leila Whittemore
Julia Schechter '83 and Greg Schechter 
Ellen Cooper '73
Suzanne Marie Feinberg
Jennifer B. Harwell '96
Alan W. Ritch
Atesh Sonneborn '82 and Patrizia Pallaro
American Endowment Association
Sunny Sum Lo '03
UC Foundation Trustees
Terri Witek
E.G. Crichton
Pamela Dewey
Thomas Pistole
Community Foundation Santa Cruz County