Borders (Fog Inquiry: Wandering Seminar)

Join the Futurefarmers for the second gathering for Fog Inquiry: Wandering Seminar:

Thursday, February 20


Albert Narath,  History of Art & Visual Culture Department, UC Santa Cruz
Janette Dinishak,  Philosophy, UC Santa Cruz

For BORDERS, the gathering will begin at 10:30 a.m. at the Mima Meadow Bus Stop before wandering.

In the Great Meadow, Janette’s work on alternatives to deficit views of autism meet Albert's work on the history of campus design. Together consider these questions, What might be the physical characteristics of autistic spaces?, How could one imagine an architecture that does not rely on determining spatial concepts such as “order/disorder” and “difference/sameness”?,  How might autistic spaces complicate modern narratives that locate the work of design in the creation of “health” or “benefit”?

Janette Dinishak works primarily in the philosophy of psychiatry, Wittgenstein and the epistemology of other minds. She has published papers on Wittgenstein, philosophical questions concerning autism and perception, and deficit views of human differences.

Albert Narath's work operates within the intersection of architectural history, environmental history, and anthropology. Projects on subjects such as the impact of ecological thinking on architectural practice, the history of “passive solar” design, and the adoption of environmentalist ideas in architectural education interrogate the complex relationships between the ideas of technology and nature in design discourse during the past half-century.




Thursday, February 20, 2020