Diffraction (Fog Inquiry: Wandering Seminar)

Join the Futurefarmers for the third gathering for Fog Inquiry: Wandering Seminar:

Friday, February 21


Alexei Leauthaud, Observational Cosmologist, Astronomy & Astrophysics, UC Santa Cruz

For DIFFRACTION, the gathering will begin at 11 a.m. at the Clark/ Kerr Hall Bus Stop before wandering to the Digital Arts Research Center Dark Lab (DARC 108).

A meditation on diffraction as a methodology seen from two overlapping perspectives, one based on geometrical optics and weak gravitational lensing (the deflection of light from distant galaxies) and the other that questions what diffractive methodologies reveal about the inseparability of science and the social realm.

Alexi Leauthaud is an observational Cosmologist working on weak gravitational lensing: the deflection of light from distant galaxies by intervening gravitational potentials – a purely geometrical effect, free from astrophysical biases and sensitive to all mass - regardless of its baryonic or dark form. Gravitational lensing techniques have a uniquely dual ability to probe both the growth of structure (which is dominated by the distribution of dark matter) as well as the geometrical distance-redshift relation (which traces the expansion history of the universe and the equation of state of dark energy). Gravitational lensing is also powerful tool with which to probe the connection between galaxies and dark matter. Alexi also leads a research group that works on a broad range of outstanding questions in Cosmology and Galaxy Formation.






Friday, February 21, 2020