Aaron Mulenga, Educational Fellow

Mulenga is a Visual Studies Ph.D. student at the University California Santa Cruz. His area of study includes contemporary art of Africa, post-colonial theory and Africa studies. Mulenga is a multi-disciplined artist with a keen interest in sculptural forms and installation. He recently took part in the inaugural Stellenbosch Triennale (2020) held in South Africa entitled: Tomorrow There Will be More of Us. Mulenga’s art practice is part of his research process for his Ph.D.

Mulenga is a graduate fellow with UC Santa Cruz Institute of the Art and Science, working as part of the team of researchers on the Barring Freedom exhibition, conference, and edited volume, examining the role of art in making visible the structural racism and modes of violence embedded within the prison industrial complex. Mulenga holds a B.F.A. from the University of Cape Town and an M.F.A from Rhodes University.