Ebadur Rahman, Educational Fellow

Ebadur Rahman is a South Asian writer, curator, award-winning filmmaker, and cultural theorist based in Paris and Santa Cruz, California. Currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Film and Digital Media at UC Santa Cruz and Researcher at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Rahman is also the 2020 Education Fellow at UCSC Institute of the Arts and Sciences.

Rahamn is the founder and the chairman of the People's Museum of Bangladesh and minister of propaganda of Gulmoher Republic. He was the first artistic director of Samdani Art Foundation. An award-winning filmmaker, Rahamn co-write Alpha, currently nominated for an Oscars. His directorial debut, Atrocity Exhibition, premiered at The Festival de Cannes, 2013 and The Citizens of the Wombs, 2014,  at the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art. He has just finished a film on Josef Beuys. 

Ebad received transmission from venerable Buddhist teachers; he has been trained in various monastic settings in Japan, Thailand, Burma, India, and the USA by tetsugen Bernard Glassman sensei, Sasaki Roshi, Nobel prize nominee Sulak Sivaraksa etc. Recently, he's authored a project that would inaugurate the scholarly inquiry of the extraordinary artistic heritage of Islamic Bengal-Balkan complex in connection with Tantric texts still not translated from Brahmi, Kharoṣṭhi and Sanskrit. 

Sunday, January 19, 2020