Current Events

Lauren Scarff of Georgetown and Allison Dean of UCSC interview a former detective in Timothy James Y

Join us for “Reasonable Doubts: Making an Exoneree,” the capstone event of a class pairing UCSC film and digital media majors with undergraduate students at Georgetown University to work together as investigative journalists, documentarians, and social justice activists intent on proving the innocence of five people currently b


Join us for a multimedia dance performance with queer Black choreographic duo OYSTERKNIFE (Chibueze Crouch + Gabriele Christian). This event is part of Surge: Explorations in Afrofuturism, a multidimensional and transcultural month-long festival on Afrofuturism.

jackie sumell, Solitary Garden, UCSC, 2019-ongoing

What does it mean to think of abolitionism as a vision—one that challenges the social, economic, and political worldviews that prisons promote?

Nicholas Payton, Freedom is No Fear

"Music for Abolition," a series of original music videos curated by Terri Lyne Carrington, brings together musicians across a variety of genres to create a soundtrack—and provide a heartbeat—to our shared struggle for abolition.