Alumni Weekend Tour of Collective Museum, April 27

Collective Museum installation view
Collective Museum installation view
Saturday, April 27, 2019
Digital Arts Research Center (DARC) Patio

Join current UC Santa Cruz undergraduates for a tour of Collective Museum, a campus-wide social practice art project by Harrell Fletcher and Public Doors and Windows.  Institute of the Arts and Sciences undergraduate interns Kathleen Deems and Jocelyn Lopez-Anleu have curated a walking tour of this extensive exhibition featuring sites which delve into the history of student political engagement and activism at UC Santa Cruz.

Alumni Weekend Collective Museum Exhibition Tour
Digital Arts Research Center 
1 pm-2:30 pm

Assemble at the Digital Arts Research Center Patio

Collective Museum is a surprising and vast campus-wide installation complete with signage, photo exhibitions, a museum tour,  and a mobile website which, as the artists explain, “takes UC Santa Cruz from having no museum to having one of the largest museums in the world.” To re-envision the university as a museum, the artists collected stories from faculty, staff, students, and alumni about 50 sites on  campus.These sites range from the site of the first international meeting to discuss sequencing the human genome; sites of  academic and personal experiences of students, staff, and faculty; and natural sites such as the mysterious mima mounds  on the southwest of the campus.​ Collective Museum creatively highlights some of the multiple and diverse sites, stories, and voices that make up UC Santa Cruz.