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Jay Afrisando

In Which to Trust?

January 12 - March 2, 2024


Institute of the Arts and Sciences
100 Panetta Ave, Santa Cruz, CA
P (831) 502-7252


January 12 - March 2, 2024
12- 5 p.m. Tuesdays - Saturdays

How does sound “sound” to people of diverse hearings?

For In Which to Trust?, a solo installation by Jay Afrisando, five aurally diverse listeners were invited to interpret sound sources from 32 audiovisual clips. The resulting open captions reflect the listeners’ various bodily conditions and experiences, revealing how the same sound sources are perceived differently by different people. Inviting us to rethink understandings of sound, the artwork questions the superiority– and reality– of so-called ‘normal’ hearing, troubling the idea that there is one accurate aural experience. 

About Jay Afrisando (Tab to skip section.)
Jay Afrisando, an Asian male artist photographed from his left side, has his right index and thumb on his chin while pausing his speech during a concert opening. Dalam bahasa Indonesia: Jay Afrisando, seniman laki-laki Asia yang difotokan dari samping kirinya, memegang dagu dengan jari telunjuk dan ibu jari kanannya ketika ia berhenti sejenak dalam memberikan sambutan pembukaan konser.

About Jay Afrisando

Jay Afrisando is a composer, multimedia artist, researcher, and educator. He works on aural diversity, acoustic ecology, and cultural identity, focusing on disability and environmental justice, arts and accessibility, and decolonizing arts practices. He shares vital experiences and disseminates knowledge through multisensory and antidisciplinary practices, including video, text, spatial audio, fixed media, improvisation, and various collaborative methods. His works have been presented at Curb Appeal Gallery, Sound Scene at the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the Walker Art Center’s Virtual Cinema, ARGOS Projector: The Faraway Nearby, and Attenborough Arts Centre, among others. He has been awarded MAP Fund 2022, Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship 2021-22, and Minnesota Emerging Composer Award 2016. He is an Assistant Professor of Music at the University of California, Santa Cruz.