Educational Resources

Exhibitions and programs at the IAS are designed to enhance learning and teaching about the arts at UC Santa Cruz.

For Students

As part of its educational mission, the IAS provides opportunities to students to further their arts education by coordinating quarterly field trips to Bay Area museums and arts centers. For questions, or to register for upcoming field trips, email

A UCSC student visits Look Back in Time at the San Jose ICA. 

For Faculty

IAS staff collaborates with faculty to develop resources for teaching and curriculum around all IAS exhibitions and projects. These resources include class visits by artists, curators and other arts professional.The IAS encourages faculty to schedule docent-led tours of current exhibitions for their classes. The IAS also supports faculty- initiated exhibitions and arts projects, with more information about faculty opportunities available HERE.

Class Visits

The IAS coordinates with faculty in the Arts Division for an ongoing program of class visits by artists, curators, and other art professionals related to their current programming. This gives students focused access to members of the arts community. 

For faculty interested in arranging a class visit related to current or up coming exhibitions or IAS events, please fill out this form.

Harrell Fletcher visits A. Laurie Palmer's Advanced Sculpture class

Exhibition Tours

Classes are offered docent-led tours of IAS exhibitions, including temporary exhibitions and IAS long-term installations, Future Garden and Collective Museum. To learn more about this program or to schedule a tour for your class, email

Walking tour of Collective Museum sites