Review of Look Back in Time on Square Cylinder

Astronomer's observation log book, Lick Observatory Collection
Astronomer's observation log book, Lick Observatory Collection
Friday, January 27, 2017

Read what David Roth of SquareCylinder has to say about Look Back in Time, on view through Febuary 26th. Roth also interviews co-curator Tony Misch about the scientific uses of the instruments and photographs on view, the potentials for art-science dialog, and his animation of the 1908 Comet Morehouse.

"Describing the shape and character of the universe is a mind-bending proposition even for those who claim to understand it.  Russell Crotty, an artist who’s as comfortable conversing with astrophysicists as he is creating work about dark energy and black holes, has, with help from two collaborating institutions, enhanced our appreciation of scientific inquiry with an exhibit called Look Back in TimeRussell Crotty and Lick Observatory.  It’s one of those rare instances when a merger of art and science produce more than just hollow gestures of interdisciplinary goodwill."

"The idea for the project originated with John Weber, founding director of the Institute of the Arts and Sciences (IAS), a part of the Arts Division at UCSC; Tony Misch, a former Lick astronomer; and Cathy Kimball, the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art's executive director and chief curator.  Together, on this project, they formed something of a curatorial dream team."

Read the rest of the review here.