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The Unlikely Marriage of Crochet and Climate Change

‘All hail the Pussy Hat, the charming, knitted-or-crocheted pink cap, designed to raise awareness of women’s rights.’

“It’s hard to point to anything that has so captured the global imagination and sung the praises of needlecraft at the same time. An exception may be Crochet Coral Reef: CO2CA-CO2LA Ocean, an exhibition by twin sisters which runs through May 6 at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC)…

The Crochet Coral Reef is a massive collection of individual works of art: corals, anemones, kelps, sponges — crocheted not just from yarn and thread, but from plastic bags, ties, videotape, ribbon, and tinsel. Besides fostering community and conversation, the “many hands” approach is meant to make a statement about Mother Nature. “It takes hundreds, sometimes thousands of people to build these community reefs,” Margaret Wertheim says. “That’s exactly how corals work. Each polyp alone has no power on its own. But collectively, they can build the great barrier reef. When we act together, we can really do extraordinary things.”’

Read the rest of KQED’s article here.

The Unlikely Marriage of Crochet and Climate Change

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